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Ways to Save Energy

Remove window air conditioners for the winter.

Keep all vents (air conditioning, heating and/or exhaust) free from debris and remove any item that blocks the flow of air.

Do not block vents or heaters with furniture.

In winter, set your thermostat at about 68°.  For every degree you lower your heat, you save up to 5% in heating costs.  At night, turn the heat down to 66°, but never turn your thermostat below 50° when the home is unoccupied. 

Wear warm clothing in winter.

Open window coverings in the daytime to let the sun heat your home and close them at sundown to insulate.

Lock your windows so they will seal better.

Keep doors and windows closed to keep the air/heat inside.

Turn off lights and shut the doors in unoccupied rooms.

Rearrange your furniture so you are sitting by interior walls.  The temperature is more constant on interior walls.

Use as much natural light as possible.

Turn kitchen and bathroom ventilating fans off after cooking and bathing.

Turn off your computer and monitor when not in use.

Vacuum the coils of your refrigerator several times a year and leave enough room behind and on the sides of the unit for air to circulate.

Only use your oven’s self-cleaning feature when your oven is already hot.

Over 2/3 of your water heating costs are from showers.  Cutting your shower time in half will reduce your costs by up to 33%.

Only run full loads of clothes, and use cold water to wash, and reduce the washer’s energy use by 75%.

Keep the lint trap in the dryer clean.  This will also help prevent fires.

Use only cold water in the garbage disposal.