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in the Village of Roscommon, MI

Fourth Street Apartments has eight units:  four one-bedroom units and four two-bedroom units, with an in-house laundry.

Main Street Apartments has four two-bedroom units, no in-house laundry.

George Street Apartments has four one-bedroom units, no in-house laundry.

We do not accept section 8.


2 bedroom, second floor, 217 S. Fourth St.     $500.00 per month, with a $500.00 security deposit.  Renter pays for heat and electricity.

No pets, No smoking, No section 8.

You must fill out an application to be considered.  See "Application" in upper left corner. 

                    Please download the application and mail it to us at:  TWB, PO 175, Roscommon, MI  48653  -  or email to:  twbroscommon@gmail.com